About Us

I like unique music.  Music with personality.

Let me introduce you to a new style of country genre called "FREEWAY".
When you listen to a song, there is normally one leading instrument.
The other instruments fill in the gaps and compliment both the singer and the leading instrument.
Why does it have to be that way? 
You can have one, two, ..., 8 or more singers and have it sound great.
What if you had more lead instuments?

Songs with one lead instrument, in the concept of "FREEWAY" would be a two lane road.
One lead in and one lead out.

In "FREEWAY", you can have multiple leading instruments.
You have options.
They can play in harmony, or in different octives.
You can have two different sounding instruments playing the same notes.

Like a real freeway, it can get busy.
And like any freeway, with too much traffic, there is bound to be a wreck.
It's a fine line between a well orchestrated melody and a total wreck.

On this album, I used this technique on three songs.
1.  Hillbilly Boogie
2.  Dancing Naked In The Rain
3.  I'm A Pony

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I am all about my music.