About me

Nashville recording artist with Big Matador Recording (Clarksville, TN, owned by Curt Ryle), Independent Artist Management (Nashville, TN, owned by Jerry Collins), and Black Ribbon Records (Nashville, TN, owned by Curt Ryle and John Castleberry).

Signed new record contract in April, 2020.

Winner of the 2011 Texas International Music Association Award for Overseas Media Market Of The Year.

You may have seen me on Facebook, or in Write Away Magazine, on the Tennessee Songwriters Association International Award Show, at a ROPE event (Reunion Of Professional Entertainers),Texas International Music Association Awards Show, or "The American Trucker TV Show", in one of the Trucking Magazines, one of the seven appearances I have made in the Fast Lane Magazine, seen my name on the side of race cars, or on the side of a big rig truck.  Maybe you have seen  me at the Arizona Speedway where I performed the National Anthem several times.  Maybe you have even seen me in person.  Either way, I am excited you had the opportunity to stop by my website and give it a look over. 

Please take the time to listen to short clips of my music by moving your mouse over the "ALBUMS" button, and selecting from the drop down menu.
Then click on the little play arrow to the left of the song titles listed.
The clips are approximately 30 seconds long each.
The entire song can be downloaded for the listed price. 

One of the songs can be heard in full by clicking the play arrow at the bottom left of this page playing automatically and will change from time to time.

If you wish to order a signed copy of one of my CD's ( DARyN wRIGHT I'M CERTIFIABLE, Dancing Naked In The Rain, or Victim Of The Rain ), leave me an email message and I will make arrangements with you, or visit me on facebook.
Cost of a signed CD is $15 for DARyN wRIGHT I'M CERTIFIABLE, and $10 for each of the other two, plus $5 shipping and handling.  Shipping insurance may be an option.
Special pricing is available for larger orders.

Autographed pictures are available for $10 each, plus shipping and handling if applicable.

I travel, and may be in your area at some point in time.  If you are making your purchase at one of these times, I will sell the CD direct to you and autograph for free.

You may be able to reach me on facebook.  Please add me as a friend.
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And please by all means leave a message.  I do read them.

Thank you once again for visiting my webpage.
Please keep checking back - as this site is updated now and again.

Daryn Wright

I like unique music.  Music with personality.  Music with a story.  I believe all portions of a song are equally important as the next, and that means a lyric must be able to stand on its own. 

My method of songwriting starts with the hook line.  I find a story or idea to write that leads up to that hook, which will be the title.  Once the lyric is finished, and all corrections made, i make a vocal melody, followed by music.  After all adjustments have been made, i evaluate the quality of the song to determine if I want to record it. 

I am fast to learn new songs, in the studio, and can record a song after only listening to it three times.  If you want me to record a song of yours, feel free to ask me, but it must also be approved by my artist management, and Black Ribbon Records.